4 Places to See Near the Wichita Mountains

Only about an hour and a half southwest of the Oklahoma City metro, the Wichita Mountains offer natural beauty and historical sights only a day trip away. Here are a few stops to add to your plan.

1. The Parallel Forest

Tucked in amongst the Wichita Mountains, Parallel Forest is quite the roadside curiosity. There’s no official sign here, nor is there even much history to be found about this grouping of trees. But once you’ve entered the forest, you’ll find that these trees are planted in a peculiar manner.

Trees inside the Parallel Forest near Lawton OK

And there’s a bit of mystery about this place ( read more here ).

2. Medicine Park

Known for its cobblestone buildings, Medicine Park is a resort town built in the early 1900s. Medicine Park has seen its fair share of the famous, including Will Rogers, Al Capone and Pretty Boy Floyd.

A view of Mount Scott from the dam built to create Bath Lake in Medicine Park, OK

A view from the dam built to create Bath Lake. Mount Scott rises in the distance.

With a beautiful view of the Wichita Mountains and several local shops, Medicine Park is a perfect place to take a weekend retreat.

3. Holy City of the Wichitas

Because of its resemblance to the Holy Land, Holy City became the perfect location for a Passion Play that at one time drew 100,000 people to the Wichita Mountains and national recognition.

Holy City

4. Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

If you enjoy hiking and climbing, the Wichita Mountains are a great playground. The top of Mount Scott offers a view of the rolling land and Lake Lawtonka below. Travelling through the wildlife refuge also offers the opportunity to spot wild buffalo and longhorn.

A view of Lake Lawtonka from the Top of Mount Scott

These sights are well-situated for a daytrip or weekend adventure. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, all of these places are only a short drive from Lawton. There are plenty of sights in the area, and we’re always on the lookout for new places to visit

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