5 Things to Do in Guthrie, Oklahoma

The crowd from the Gentlemen of the Road Tour has cleared out. But there’s still plenty of interesting things to see in Guthrie, from authentic old west history to a haunted hospital.

Originally the City of Guthrie was the territorial capital of Oklahoma. The reason that the capital was moved to Oklahoma City is an interesting, surprisingly intriguing story for another time. Downtown Guthrie is filled with buildings from the 1800s and early 1900s.

The Blue Belle Saloon

Aside from the excellent food, the Blue Belle Saloon holds a lot of old west history inside. Western celebrity Tom Mix was once the bartender of this saloon, and there are plenty of bullet holes in the ceiling from the times of cowboys and six shooters. The Blue Belle is a great place to stop for a lemonade and lunch. If only that player piano was working!

Scottish Rite Temple

The Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie is known as one of the largest and most beautiful temples of its kind in the US. A tour of the temple will treat you to beautiful historic architecture. The temple is also connected to the original Oklahoma Legislative Hall that was used until Oklahoma’s capital was moved to Oklahoma City in 1910.

The Abandoned Logan County Hospital

If you’re a fan of haunted history, you may want to check out the abandoned building that was once the Logan County Hospital. Originally built in 1925, the five story hospital on the corner of 20 th and Warner in Guthrie is now boarded up. But AbandonedOK reports that lights inside the hospital have been seen flickering on and off.

The Pollard Theater

Like so many buildings in Guthrie, the building that houses the Pollard Theatre was built at the turn of the century. Originally the building was used as a furniture store and a funeral parlor. In 1919 George Pollard turned the structure into an entertainment venue. Today the Pollard Theatre produces 6 shows every year. I’m looking forward to A Territorial Christmas Carol .

Local Shops

Several entrepreneurs have taken advantage of Guthrie’s 19 th century storefronts to create unique businesses selling everything from art to soap. Prairie Gothic , Hancock Creative Shop and are just a few examples of creative businesses that offer a variety of interesting oddities.

Every time I go to Guthrie it feels like I find something new. And we could spend all day just walking around the downtown area and admiring the architecture.

Guthrie’s about a 30 minute drive from Oklahoma City, so it’s a great day-trip. But I haven’t listed everything in Guthrie, and seeing it all could probably take you a couple of days. I think that makes seeing Guthrie, Oklahoma a great short and affordable road trip.

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  1. This town has so many interesting places, there iseven a seasonal Haunted house in the month of October every friday and Sat night and Halloween of course you have to try..Its calles Guthrie Haunts Scaregrounds!!!!!! BOO!!!!!!

  2. The tour of the Scottish Rite Temple is amazing! So are the festivals and monthly block parties!

  3. Great town, I love my new hometown! Interesting stores and businesses downtown, good churches, lively people. Visit and stay awhile! Check out Territorial Christmas weekends (December), 89er Days Celebration and Concert (April) art and wine walks too!

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