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Will Eifert, Editor in Chief of Found in Flyover Country Thanks for taking some time out of your day to visit Found in Flyover Country . I hope that you’re enjoying the stories and finding some interesting places to explore.

My name is Will Eifert. When I was growing up in Kentucky, “travel” was the hobby of richer people than I. I watched Rick Steves travel the world on TV, and aside from a few family vacations the idea of discovering the world seemed to be like some kind of pipe dream. I was like so many others saying, “I will travel the world someday” without any real idea of what that entailed. I was still making that unrealistic claim until a few years ago when I moved to Oklahoma and started to understand what “travel” is really all about.

Travel is about the journey. Being somebody who travels isn’t really about where you go, it’s about perspective. So many people live their entire lives in the perspective of the everyday. They go to work, come home, enjoy the weekends with friends and family. Guess what – that’s a perfectly fine way to live, and neither I nor anyone else should fault you for it. Becoming a traveler is deciding to open your eyes to the wonder of the world. A traveler doesn’t just see the site. He or she sees the natural aesthetics of it, its history and the way that every place on earth relates to both the travelers life and humanity as a whole.

Truly traveling is an awe-inspiring experience, and you don’t have to be rich to do it. In fact, there are so many exhilarating things to see and learn within a small radius of where you live. In the last few months I’ve seen the birthplace of modern civil aviation, an exhibit featuring the actual Apollo 13 spacecraft and an open field in Oklahoma where Amelia Earheart displayed one of the first prototypes of the helicopter.

This blog was designed to showcase fascinating learning opportunities and natural wonder in places that most would, at first thought, call boring. I hope you continue to enjoy the articles you read here, and I beg you to get out and visit these places along with the many others that haven’t been featured here. Visit these places, experience true traveling, write about it and send it to us. I’d love to see what you’ve discovered.


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