Anchor Drive-In

In 1950 George Shamus, after having earning a display case full of medals and surviving over a year in a German prisoner of war camp, opened a drive-in restaurant on The Mother Road. And his family is still serving burgers and corn dogs to eager road trippers today.

About the Restaurant:

A lot has changed since the heyday of Route 66 towns like Bristow, Oklahoma. The Anchor Drive-In is no longer a drive-in (which can make it difficult to identify if you aren’t paying close attention). But it’s still a place that Route 66 pilgrims are stopping at.

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What delighted me about this place is that it’s still family-owned. Cooking our burgers was the current owner – granddaughter of George Shamus. And the server who told us stories of Spaniards asking for the definition of a corn dog was yet another family member.

The place has some local charm as well. The beauty of small town Oklahoma is that the locals are often so friendly. One thing to consider before you arrive – I’d stop at a bathroom before you get here if you need to go. They have a restroom here. But it’s pretty frightening if you’re only comfortable with rest stops and gas stations.


You can expect $5-$7 meals per person.

The Food:

I don’t know why you’d be looking for much more than a good cheeseburger along Route 66. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get here. There’s nothing outrageous on the menu here: hamburgers, corndogs, hotdogs and barbecue.

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