The Holy City of the Wichitas

You don’t have to cross the ocean to get a glimpse at what the Holy Land may have looked like when Christ was alive. The Wichita Mountains outside of Lawton, Oklahoma closely resemble the rocky slopes of Israel. And it’s that resemblance that makes Holy City of the Wichitas unique.

History of the Holy City of the Wichitas

According to the Holy City’s website , an Austrian pastor named Anthony Mark Wallock put on a demonstration of the resurrection for his Sunday school class on a mountain outside of Lawton.

The play caught on, and throughout the 1930’s, Passion Plays in the Wichita Mountains brought larger and larger crowds. In 1931 the Passion Play became so well known that the event was granted federal funding. The money was used to construct all of the buildings that now make up the “Holy City.”

Holy City of the Wichitas in Lawton OK

In 1936 100,000 people gathered here to watch the Passion Play.

Even if you aren’t visiting to witness the pageant, you can explore much of Holy City. There’s a beautiful chapel in Holy City modeled after Christ’s Church in Virginia, the oldest in the country. And on a statue of “Our Lady of the Wichitas” you’ll find a stone from the Mount of Olives.

You can actually become a citizen of Holy City , and if you enjoy acting, I hear that they’re always on the lookout for cast members for the Passion Play.

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