Oklahoma has always been made out to be the stereotypical flyover state. But there are plenty of places to see in Oklahoma, from majestic mesas in the far reaches of the OK panhandle to the ever-growing Oklahoma City metro. Here are a few places in Oklahoma worth visiting.

The Holy City of the Wichitas

You don’t have to cross the ocean to get a glimpse at what the Holy Land may have looked like when Christ was alive. The Wichita Mountains outside of Lawton, Oklahoma closely resemble the rocky slopes of Israel. And it’s that resemblance that makes Holy City of the Wichitas unique.

Anchor Drive-In

In 1950 George Shamus, after having earning a display case full of medals and surviving over a year in a German prisoner of war camp, opened a drive-in restaurant on The Mother Road. And his family is still serving burgers and corn dogs to eager road trippers today.

The Talimena Scenic Byway

When I told friends in family in my native Kentucky that  was heading west to Oklahoma, I became very familiar with flat jokes. At the time, I believed them. But the Talimena Scenic Byway in southeast Oklahoma is the best example of how wrong that assumption was.

Roman Nose State Park

A sharp turn onto Highway 8A about 10 minutes north of Watonga, OK will steer you towards Roman Nose State Park. And if you love the outdoors, there’s something for you here in the canyon.

5 Things to Do in Guthrie, Oklahoma

The crowd from the Gentlemen of the Road Tour has cleared out. But there’s still plenty of interesting things to see in Guthrie, from authentic old west history to a haunted hospital.

The Blue Belle Saloon in Guthrie, OK

Like many of the late 19th and early 20th century buildings still standing in Guthrie, the Blue Belle Saloon is packed full of authentic Wild West history, down to the bullet holes in the ceiling.

Unplugged: A Weekend in Kenton, Oklahoma

My underwear, socks, jeans and car keys arrived in a Farmer’s Market box four days after I left a cabin in Oklahoma’s panhandle. I think my subconscious was leaving an excuse to come back.

3 Airport Restaurants in Oklahoma

Unless you are a pilot or happen to know one, you may be missing out on good food and great views at some at restaurants on Oklahoma’s general aviation airports. While these gems are well known to the aviation community, you don’t need an aircraft to eat at these restaurants.

Discovering Alabaster Caverns, the World’s Largest Gypsum Cave

There are only 3 places on this planet where you’ll find a rare mineral called black alabaster – Italy, China and Freedom, Oklahoma. Touring the over 100,000 year old gypsum cavern at Alabaster Caverns State Park is only one of the great ways to spend a day here.

The Growth of Oklahoma City’s Plaza District

As writer David Christopher puts it, “if you live in Oklahoma City and haven’t been to the Plaza District, you’re out of touch.” The Plaza District has quickly become a center of local arts and unique new businesses.

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