Medicine Park, OK: What a Real Resort Should Offer

The Native Americans believe that the waters of Medicine Creek have healing powers, and “healing” is a very appropriate way to describe the type of getaway that the Historic Medicine Park Resort Town has offered since 1908.

Medicine Park had a humble beginning. In fact, in its early days the “resort” consisted only of an army tent and a swimming hole. Yet the getaway became quickly popular. The advent of the automobile gave folks the opportunity to start exploring the countryside around them, and these newly founded resorts became an ideal stop.

What was loved about the original resort concept is what continues to make Medicine Park a great destination— escape .

A view from the dam built to create Bath Lake. Mount Scott rises in the distance.

During the early 20 th century Medicine Park gave business people a place to find peace from the endless hassle of work. The famous (and infamous) could run from publicity and their reputation to enjoy quiet. For that reason, Medicine Park has hosted many celebrities, from Will Rogers and Wiley Post to Al Capone. The town was as much refuge as it was resort. It was a place to heal from the bruises of everyday life.

The modern concept of a resort of course, is far different. Today when we say “resort” we envision spas, casinos and night clubs. Of course there are a lot more things to keep us occupied, but there are also so many more channels that will keep us tied to the things we’re trying to get away from.

Losing thousands of dollars and getting stuck in crowds is, well, a lot like daily life at home. That doesn’t sound like much of a getaway at all.

Today Medicine Park continues to offer a true escape. The small roads that run through this quiet town make for a great walk or bike ride to admire the unique round cobblestone architecture. Coursing through the middle of town is Bath Lake, a swimming area created during the resort’s original construction.

There are a several cozy and private lodging options available in the $100-$300 per night range, along with a variety of restaurant options within walking distance of lodging.

The town of Medicine Park itself, however, is not the only attraction. Medicine Park is a short drive from the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. You might hike to the top of Mount Scott, the highest point in the range, and catch a glimpse of the bison that roam freely here. Take a look inside the peculiar arrangement of the Parallel Forest or stop by Holy City, home of one of the nation’s largest passion plays.

Holy City tucked into the Wichita Mountains

No matter what you choose to do during your stay, Medicine Park and the attractions around it offer what any real “resort” should – a place to put your daily troubles out of mind and explore the world that exists outside of your 9 to 5.

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  1. Sounds like visitors will get just the kind of medicine that can truly heal them, as only being in nature can.
    I’m enjoying hearing about the interesting places near where you live.