Unplugged: A Weekend in Kenton, Oklahoma

My underwear, socks, jeans and car keys arrived in a Farmer’s Market box four days after I left a cabin in Oklahoma’s panhandle. I think my subconscious was leaving an excuse to come back.

5 Tips for Long Road Trip Planning

When all was said and done, I had only seen about 30% of what I wanted to see on our Grand Canyon Trip, and we were nearly penniless. I had learned several valuable lessons. I’ve always been an advocate for taking road trips on a whim, but for longer trips you really need to have More…

3 Airport Restaurants in Oklahoma

Unless you are a pilot or happen to know one, you may be missing out on good food and great views at some at restaurants on Oklahoma’s general aviation airports. While these gems are well known to the aviation community, you don’t need an aircraft to eat at these restaurants.

Discovering Alabaster Caverns, the World’s Largest Gypsum Cave

There are only 3 places on this planet where you’ll find a rare mineral called black alabaster – Italy, China and Freedom, Oklahoma. Touring the over 100,000 year old gypsum cavern at Alabaster Caverns State Park is only one of the great ways to spend a day here.

The Growth of Oklahoma City’s Plaza District

As writer David Christopher puts it, “if you live in Oklahoma City and haven’t been to the Plaza District, you’re out of touch.” The Plaza District has quickly become a center of local arts and unique new businesses.

A Picnic at Myriad Gardens in OKC

On some weekends Crystal and I don’t travel very far. That doesn’t pose much of a problem, because you’d be surprised at the amount of interesting places to go in the Oklahoma City Metro. One of those places is the Myriad Botanical Gardens downtown.

The 5-Minute Road Trip Plan

Travel is supposed to be a liberating experience. There’s nothing liberating about spending hours hammering out every detail of a trip that, by the time you’re finished, you probably won’t feel like taking. Let me make your life easier.

An Aviation Junkie Finds the Kansas Aviation Museum

Everybody knows about the Wright brothers and Kitty Hawk. What you might not know is that the heart of general aviation calls Wichita home. One trip to the Kansas Aviation Museum will open your eyes to the history of flight in the US.

A Night at the OKC Philharmonic

When you hear “Oklahoma,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I’ll bet not many of you thought “fine arts.” You’d be missing out. The Oklahoma City Philharmonic is worth an evening out.

How to Quit Daydreaming and Start Traveling

Do you catch yourself daydreaming at your desk about spending weekends uncovering the world? I used to be in that place. I had always told friends and family that I wanted to “travel,” as though it were some pipe dream – something only the accomplished or wealthy could do. I’d think about all of the More…

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