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The First Rule of Travel in Flyover Country

Our professor slowed to a stop at the intersection of two country roads outside Murray, Kentucky, and asked for the road map. I can’t speak for the rest of my classmates, but I remember what was on my mind at the time – where in the hell are we going?

Unplugged: A Weekend in Kenton, Oklahoma

My underwear, socks, jeans and car keys arrived in a Farmer’s Market box four days after I left a cabin in Oklahoma’s panhandle. I think my subconscious was leaving an excuse to come back.

The Growth of Oklahoma City’s Plaza District

As writer David Christopher puts it, “if you live in Oklahoma City and haven’t been to the Plaza District, you’re out of touch.” The Plaza District has quickly become a center of local arts and unique new businesses.

An Aviation Junkie Finds the Kansas Aviation Museum

Everybody knows about the Wright brothers and Kitty Hawk. What you might not know is that the heart of general aviation calls Wichita home. One trip to the Kansas Aviation Museum will open your eyes to the history of flight in the US.

A Night at the OKC Philharmonic

When you hear “Oklahoma,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I’ll bet not many of you thought “fine arts.” You’d be missing out. The Oklahoma City Philharmonic is worth an evening out.

Get Lost in the Parallel Forest

As our car rolled to a stop, the only sign that there was something worth stopping for was a tiny cement parking lot and two worn trails leading into the trees. Some of the most interesting sights in the country have this kind of humble introduction, and the Parallel Forest didn’t disappoint.

Exploring The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Museum

Sometimes we get a glimpse at how whims are the makers of extraordinary surprises. In February of 2013 my girlfriend Crystal and I took a weekend to visit her dad during his two-week stay in Wichita for classes at Flight Safety International. We didn’t know that by the time the weekend was done, we’d land More…

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