Travel Tips

5 Tips for Long Road Trip Planning

When all was said and done, I had only seen about 30% of what I wanted to see on our Grand Canyon Trip, and we were nearly penniless. I had learned several valuable lessons. I’ve always been an advocate for taking road trips on a whim, but for longer trips you really need to have More…

The 5-Minute Road Trip Plan

Travel is supposed to be a liberating experience. There’s nothing liberating about spending hours hammering out every detail of a trip that, by the time you’re finished, you probably won’t feel like taking. Let me make your life easier.

How to Quit Daydreaming and Start Traveling

Do you catch yourself daydreaming at your desk about spending weekends uncovering the world? I used to be in that place. I had always told friends and family that I wanted to “travel,” as though it were some pipe dream – something only the accomplished or wealthy could do. I’d think about all of the More…

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